The Blackline series from Dunlop features the most unique, colorful and just plain cool picks ever created. All Blackline illustrations are new originals from legendary rock poster designer Alan Forbes, veteran of Artrock Poster Design and the San Francisco Art Lab. Forbes continues the style sought after by The Black Crowes, Ozzy Osborne, Blink 182 and others in a series of absolutely sick, attitude-drenched renderings. Forbes paints each design by hand in the craftsman's "blackline" style, with distinct areas of bright, solid colors outlined in heavy-handed black. Dunlop uses a precision "pad printing" process to transfer durable, thick-film colors that won't flake nor rub off. The association between Dunlop and Forbes was forged in San Francisco's fertile rock scene, through a shared enthusiasm for the excitement and vitality of live music performance. That energy comes through loud and clear in every design! Dunlop is committed to rolling out new Blackline designs on a regular cycle, ensuring collectability and long-term value for each individual pick.
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