What our customers are saying...

"As a guitarist gigging nearly every weekend, you can go through a lot of strings. Just Strings has been my only source for strings for many years. I'm getting back out there again since the pandemic wiped out the band I was in, and I'm really happy these people are still around.     You'll go broke buying strings by the pack at the big-box music stores. Buying in bulk is the only way to go. You can also select the gauges you want instead of pre-selected sets that really aren't balanced very well... if that matters to you. As your hands get older, it will.     Even if you know what you're looking for and don't need their help, they'll check with you if something doesn't look right.     I accidentally selected a bronze set among the nickel electric sets I was ordering. Jim caught it and messaged me to see if that's actually what I wanted instead of just packing and sending it. Very cool. That would never happen with Amazon.     They ship fast, too. I'm all the way across the country and had them in a couple days.Raven S.

"Ordered the wrong type of strings for a headless guitar and contacted them for a refund. They promptly responded and just asked that I include a copy of invoice in the package and send it back. Got my money back no issues." Thomas H.

"I was visiting family and needed a capo. I was unaware this was a mail order business and blundered in. They were very understanding and helpful." Neil W.

"They deliver on what they promise all the time. Completely satisfied with them!!!!" Sam A.

"My package got lost in the mail and the customer service person sent replacement without charge. I will be buying from them again. I also have ordered bass strings and bulk guitar strings from them over the years. They have been consistently great as a company." C. Stratton

"Very good Customer service. Called and placed an order for 16 sets of strings. The gentle man on the phone was very helpful and patient and knew exactly what I wanted." Eduardo T.


 "I can't write about any single string because I appreciate them all!    I no longer drive; so your service fits my life-style (very little actual shopping).   I recently saw an ad for a guitar-body mandola. The recent string purchase was to re-tune my eight-string tenor ukulele aa a mandola. It has been seventy years since I learned to play tenor banjo (same tuning as mandola) and I am having a lot of fun playing the same patterns ( I got rid of my tenor banjo several years ago). Thank you for your prompt service AND  the availability of strings." Galen C, Springtown TX

 "SIT strings are the only ones I use on my guitar collection of around 60 instruments!  great strings and Just Strings has stellar service.  Loyal client more than 20 years. Cheers!" Gerry L, Christiansted VI

"GREAT customer service" David, Carmel IN

"Everything went great on my order!  I received my order fast and accurate! I would highly recommend Just Strings to my friends!!!!" Charles, Maggie Valley, NC

"Thank you!  Impressive customer service like this is what keeps customers like me coming back, and recommending Just Strings to others! Dave, Davis CA

"Here's a Thank You card!"  Josh Thomas, Van Buren AR

"I purchased some bulk phosphor bronze strings from you in the recent past. I want to let you know how happy I am with the strings.
They have great tone and feel and hold pitch better than most other strings I have used. Thank you for offering such a quality product at a very reasonable price." Thanks again, Bob Shuey

"Hi, I got some Ernie Ball strings from you that were for my acoustic bass guitar. They are fantastic; unfortunately, due to age, I'm not able to play them as well as I had hoped. I'm not worried about sound as much as reconditioning and rehabilitating as much as possible. Thank you for your time. I have nothing but good things to say about your business and would be happy to give a testimonial anytime." Marc Friedman

"Just Strings, 'Natch!" Mark H., St. Petersburg FL

"I always get my strings from this JustStrings.com.  So many strings and super-fast delivery. Love them!" M. McGlynn, Providence RI

"They always have what I need, and I get it within a few days." C. Majos, Anaheim CA

"I received the GHS Brite Flats. I wanted them to replace the flats that were on my short-scale fretless SX bass when I bought it. What an amazing difference in tone and playability! Wow... who knew?! Wait, you did. Thanks again for the recommendation." Dwight Krizman, Quentin Blue Music Productions, https://quentinblue.com/

"Whatever your String needs might be... JustStrings.com is Top Shelf - The Best - Bar None. I have purchased many, many sets and single strings from Just Strings dot com over the years. Well-known brands were my first Go-To when looking for strings, both Nylon and/or Nickel steel. A while back, I decided to try the JustStrings brand of Nickel Steel Electric guitar strings and chose to purchase individuals or singles to make up a custom set. After several months of experimenting with various gauges, I decided to just go with a typical 6-string set of electric strings (.009p-.042w) nickel wound, except I ordered them as single strings at a dozen each, figuring if I didn't like them, I could offer them to guitar students as a replacement for the inevitable broken string that can occur at a guitar lesson...  I was very surprised and pleased when I installed the strings! They are quality strings, sound great, have great tone, and are consistent from string to string. I cannot think of one issue with these strings. I am amazed at how great they are for the price!  Bravo JustStrings dot com!  PROS? Quality string. Consistent from string to string. Great tone.
Long Life. Very durable. CONS?
There is no such thing with these strings. None! No cons at all!"
Ron R. Morrisville, VT

"Always a pleasure to order strings on your site!" Jonathan M.

"Thank you! I appreciate you guys and everything you do." Mark L.

"Just a note of appreciation. My complicated order was fulfilled with perfect accuracy, and it got here promptly.
Now that I know about Just Strings, I plan on ordering more regularly. Thanks." Louis Jones

"An absolute web asset.
My favorite place to restock any strings. I have played for 20 years, and this is the best." Alexander L.

"Thanks, great products, service, and attention to detail.
Excellent." James Taylor

"I really like this company!
Best prices that I've found, comprehensive selection, prompt shipping at a fair rate, excellent backorder policy, and a personal touch with orders. Absolutely no complaints." Max Woehle

"I would not buy anywhere else. Forward your big box music store gift cards to charity. Give your beloved string players a gift from JustStrings! Jim Clark and the Team at JustStrings are not only there to make a buck. They are there because they care about the job they are performing. Excellent advice, when needed. Unbelievably fast response to orders! A great company to have on your side." Ronald P. Thomas

"Generally speaking, I actually like supporting the bricks and mortar music stores whenever I can -- but man, not when it comes to buying strings!!! I've heard that song; we don't carry that, or we don't have that gauge in stock just too many times. This is the answer the next time the dude behind the counter tells you why they don't have what you want. I was also amazed to see the brands that are out there that I didn't even know about. Once again, find a place like this that does one thing, and they usually do it well. (Although I wouldn't recommend anyone starting a company called Justbrusselsprouts.)." G.L., Seattle

"JustStrings - a model for online vendors. I have dealt with JustStrings.com several times. Each time, my order is processed very quickly and shipped expeditiously.
Their customer service is great, as are their prices. What more can I say?" Shel Sax

"I love the idea of buying my strings in bulk. I save a bunch, and the quality is the same as (if not better than) the quality of the strings I would normally use. And...
I HAVE told all my friends!  Long live JustStrings.com!!!!” Todd Becker

"I'm a Broadway musician, and I play guitar (Nylon, steel, 12 string, archtop, and electric), mandolin, five-string banjo, tenor banjo, dobro, and lap steel. Maintaining all these axes adds up, but Justrings.com has been helping me keep my unwieldy string budget under control over the past three and a half years by giving me far more bang for my buck than I could have hoped for." Paul Molloy

"JustStrings.com is the only place I buy strings. I've been doing so for years now because they have the best selection available, the prompt service is beyond prompt (and considering they deliver my orders to Canada, that's saying something), and the prices are down to earth, the lowest I've seen.
I can't recommend them highly enough."
Gary MacDonnell

"I'm a repeat customer.
Wouldn't even consider purchasing my strings from anyone else." Donna M. Prust

"The mission was impossible! Several years ago, I had to locate a store that carries the most up-to-date (just released) strings, the store had to ship anywhere (internationally), and for the tough part, the store had to accept credit cards with a billing address outside the US. I started with no hope and landed in heaven! Finding JustStrings.com was like the joy of a fresh, bright tone from a new string. JustStrings.com is amazing if you get to think about the number of stringed instruments out there and how many manufacturers make strings for them, and the variations and options and different gauges, etc. This could be almost impossible for one store to have them all "almost  ."But JustStrings do have them all. They carry strings that can't be found at mega music stores. Just Strings is just enough to make me happy, but the store is not about strings only; there are picks (actually, I could only find my favorite picks at JustStrings.com), there are tuners, metronomes, cleaning kits, and much more. The price is incredible, and the various shipping options, including international shipping, make this store just the right place to go shopping! Moreover, I must extend my gratitude and send a big "thank you" to all the people at JustStrings.com for being so friendly, professional, caring, and nice. At first purchase, I faced a problem with my international billing address, I kept working it out with my bank and JustStrings, and I was amazed about how many times they were willing to try and help me and try the same transaction again and again. They treated me as if I was their only customer with their quick, welcoming replies. Finally, it worked out, and then I knew I had found my best strings/picks store! After several years and several purchases, I still wait for my shipment to arrive anxiously because every time someone sends their business card with the package. It might be funny, but I do collect them all from the first purchase to this one. All in all, JustStrings.com is the best, and I hope you all people find it as pleasant and wonderful as I do. Being at JustStrings.com feels likes being at home.
Thank you very much. My best regards and wishes." Inas El-Betash

"Easy shopping Useful links to manufacturers Your simple, straightforward checkout procedure should serve as an example to others. Prompt delivery A great place to shop! Thanks." C Brandt

"Great Prices!!! Great user-friendly website, easy to navigate!!! Fast service!!! A model for others!!!" Brian Brgant

"I love the bulk strings offer. Saves me a lot of money when I constantly break my E string." Sam Schutte

"JustStrings.com is a real lifesaver. I play a bunch of weird instruments with hard-to-get strings.
It's great to be able to get high "A" s for my 1907 mandocello on short notice, not to mention at a great price. I've been a customer for about five years and will continue to be." Mark Ungar

"Wow, every string type is represented, super-fast shipment, easy ordering....  best value for the money in strings." Al Bowers

"I've ordered products 3 or 4 times from JustStrings.com, and each time my order has been shipped within a day. The order has always been correct, and I've never had to wait because something is out of stock. I would recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality strings for a good price." Richard Loveday

"A Satisfied Customer: I know of no other vendor that combines low prices, fast delivery, ease of purchase, and excellent overall service regarding guitar strings. Three cheers for Just Strings! An excellent company." John Douglas

"This was the best of (4) Internet string vendors that I ordered from on the same day. They shipped promptly with some backordered items that even arrived before other companies' first shipments did. Everything was perfect. This has to be number one. Prompt, accurate, no problems." Murphy Baty

"I have made a few purchases from Juststrings.com & they continue to provide great & fast service.
It's my #1 choice of places to purchase strings & I have recommended them to many others as well. Keep up the good work!" Michael A. Colon

"The selection that juststrings.com offers and the service is second to none." Alex Flores

"Prompt service.
Great variety." Kevin Quinn

"Strings always get shipped and arrive very fast. Thanks for the great service!" Del Duncan

"Every step along the way was done perfectly & received the order quickly. This is the second order I have placed with juststrings.com, and I'm sure I will place more." David McFarland

"Most helpful, responds well to email questions, fast service & good stock available." Robert Booth

"I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my order was filled and received. Great job!!!" Gina Paoni

"They have what I need.
The prices are great. The delivery was quicker than I expected.
They confirmed the order. They have a great selection. I am not affiliated in any way with this company.
I think all companies should try and be as good as this one." Nick Funicelli

"The strings arrived faster than expected. I received two emails from them; one acknowledging the order, the other indicating the order had been shipped. Included with the strings was an accurate packing list, plus a business card with the name, phone number, and email address of the sales rep that I could call if any problems arose -- I have never seen this from a .com before. I will definitely order from JustStrings.com again!" John MacLerran

"JustStrings has a very large selection of guitar strings. Even very difficult to find strings and sets that regular retailers don't have. I'm very pleased with JustStrings and the service they provide." Bill Torrealba

"No problems. Easy order process. Quick order confirmation. Prompt delivery. All in all, a very positive experience. I have already told several of my friends and forwarded the address." Stephen Farley

"Dealing with JustStrings.com was excellent. The helpful emails received from them were informational and extremely friendly. I will definitely continue to deal with them for all my stringed-instrument needs." Norma Jankowski

"Great prices, and you can find strings for all your different instruments at the same place.
Emails were sent to confirm my order and to let me know when things were shipped out. the whole experience was great, and I plan on shopping a juststrings.com in the future." Ron Salemme Jr

"Selection, Shipping, and price. Not only do they have the best selection of strings available, but Just Strings has the best prices and shipping rates as well. I was willing to wait a while for my strings to arrive, so I selected the least expensive shipping option. Regardless, my strings were shipped by 8 am the next day, and in my hand the day after (about 40 hours between placing the order and receiving the strings), I will never buy strings from anywhere else again." Damian Salerno

"I was a little hesitant to order from a company I had not heard of. But the ordering couldn't be easier. You had sizes & types that the major mail-order catalogs don't have. The strings were here a week before I would have even looked for them. All around, the job you guys did was exceptional! Well done! I will be back." John Smith

"Always Nice. Always Have What I Want. Always Ship the Correct Item. Always Ship Quickly.  Pretty Darn Positive, I'd Say...." Peter Kidd

"You guys are terrific! Great service -keep up the good work!" Mary Madis

"Ordered multiple sets and single strings on a Sunday, complete order arrived by U.S. Mail on Tuesday.
Price was best available online or at any retail store." Dean Athans

 "Having had so much trouble finding Elixir guitar strings in the music stores, I turned to the web. Just Strings is Just the Place. I was able to buy string sets individually and not in bulk, and of those string sets, I could mix and match and try whatever. The prices were very fair. Order confirmation was just that and not some same email shipped off to everyone that places an order. My order arrived quickly and in excellent condition, and without incident! The key to dot com business "stayin' alive" has got to be service, product availability, and customer satisfaction. Just Strings has it all." Nancy Combs

"This was my third order, and they have been just great for service and for having items in stock." Robert Uchniat

"Excellent service, and very happy with my purchase, thanks !!!" Phil Lupo

"Extremely fast shipping.
I was quite surprised to receive the strings when I did. I honestly expected to wait an additional week for them. GREAT JOB!" Ryan Berringer

"This was the first time I had ordered from Just Strings, but I had wonderful recommendations from fellow musicians who had ordered single bulk strings from them (I play mountain dulcimer). I threw in a couple of guitar string sets for my son on order. I am very pleased. Shipping was prompt, as was all email communication." Lynne Smith

"JustStrings.com is really great, their selection and prices are excellent (much better than my local stores), and the shipping was fast, too. It's a great place to do business with." Jonathan Duffy

"Constant information regarding backorder and backorders equated to just a few days. As the strings came in, they were sent with no additional postage. Great people to deal with!" Robert Pickwoad

"Complete Satisfaction.
I have purchased strings three times from Just Strings. They have a broad selection of types and brands of strings which is easy to advertise, but they have always had my selections in stock, and I always get them faster than I anticipated. I once called to talk about strings. The customer service guy on the phone had to have been a musician with a knowledge of the nuances of the strings I was talking about. I order several different selections, not just one.
I buy all my strings there, usually a year's worth at a time. I would bet that they are the best in the world at what they do. On top of all that, the prices are great." Bill Jordan

"I have placed three orders from Juststrings.com now, except for only one item, in one order being on backorder, they have shipped the products I requested in a very timely fashion. The item on backorder is from an obscure product line that's manufactured in Austria, so I fully understand why it was not available at the time I placed my order. The staff at Juststrings.com is always pleasant and helpful, and the person who packs each of my orders includes a business card, so if there is a problem, I know who to address it. I will continue to do business with this company and recommend them to others." Anthony M. Migliaccio

"I buy a year's supply of strings from Just Strings every year and have been doing so for the past three years. They are a great place to do business with over the net as they are very prompt with delivery and very helpful if ever there is a problem with an order. I plan to continue to do business with them indefinitely." Bud Gauntlett Pastor of Worship Arts Ann Arbor Vineyard Church Ann Arbor, MI

"I was really surprised...I got what I wanted, and I got it fast. Why drive to the store when you can get what you need at "JustStrings"...." Joe Carrick

"I have placed several small orders with Juststrings.com and have received prompt emails and delivery.
Their stock is amazing! I ordered unusual strings and received all of them quickly. Even when my first order was delayed in arriving (due to MY zip code error), I received a very fast and courteous reply to my email. Thanks!" Robert Uchniat

"I have been dealing with Juststrings.com for some time and have always been satisfied." Gregor Martin

"Hey, a real bargain, will do business again, and the service, well the gal who done my order, was second to none. Keep on picking!" Barry Fetzer

"They've always had everything I wanted in stock, it's been shipped promptly, every order has been handled flawlessly, their prices are competitive, and the customer service people have been courteous and helpful when I've called with questions. I couldn't ask for more! I always go to JustStrings.com when I need strings." Ric Williams

"Congratulations for not only having a fantastic choice of strings, an excellent delivery service, and good prices but also fast and efficient customer support. I certainly will continue shopping at JustStrings." Jacques RUPPERT

"Service and commitment to customers are first-rate! They are dependable and reliable and always ship me just what I ordered in a timely manner.
Their prices are rock bottom, and their products are top-notch. I am very satisfied and highly recommend 'Just Strings' to my friends and anyone else!" Michael Brooks

"Thank you so much for your convenient, efficient method of string shopping. I hate to try to call NY and hassle or try to find local shops that will order for me (usually in their own good time), and then I can't be sure of fresh quality strings… Your site is great... I can't find those strings anywhere in the Seattle area. Thanks again for all your help. I am very impressed with your service and will be placing another order in a few weeks. I know many guitar and bass players and will inform all of them of your website.
I am really impressed with your fast response and good work.    Thank you very much. Thank you for your quick response. Finding strings is not always so easy. Your price is great. Imagine that! A company that caters to musicians' needs! I was really excited to see that your company carries so many different types of strings. I just want to congratulate you on the magnificent service that you do.
Receiving my strings in just one week from the US to Portugal was just fantastic."