Plain Steel Bulk Guitar Strings

Plain Steel Bulk Guitar Strings! Plain Steel Guitar Strings are Available in Bulk Packages!

These bulk packaged strings are premium quality guitar, bass guitar and loop end strings. They're made for in the USA by one of the world's top manufacturers. Not all bulk packaged strings are equal and we have carefully selected these from among the best available. Although we are not at liberty to identify the manufacturer, we sell large volumes of these same premium quality strings under the manufacturer's own label. Our customers have been thoroughly pleased with the bulk string products.

You can try out many of the bulk strings in smaller quantities by ordering brand single strings in the Guitar Single Strings and Bass Guitar Single Strings sections. brand bulk strings are available for guitar, bass and instruments requiring loop end strings such as banjo and mandolin. We offer bulk electric guitar strings, bulk acoustic guitar strings, bulk classical guitar strings, bulk bass strings and bulk loop end strings. Our electric strings are available in both nickel plates steel wound and stainless steel wound. Our acoustic strings are available in both 80/20 bronze wound and phosphor bronze wound. We have bulk plain steel strings in gauges from .008 to .026. Our bulk bass strings are available in both stainless steel and nickel plated steel.

The guitar and loop end strings are packaged in long plastic envelopes that contain twelve strings of the same gauge and are sealed with desiccant inside. The bass guitar strings are also packaged in long plastic envelopes, contain six strings of the same gauge and are sealed with desiccant inside. This is a great program for creating custom sets and realizing huge savings!

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