GHS Strings Tenor Ukulele Ground Nylon Craig Chee Signature Re-Entrant (High G), .028 - .040 CU-CCR


GHS Strings CU-CCR ARTIST CURATED SERIES - Craig Chee, Re-Entrant 


CU-CCR SETS - ARTIST CURATED SERIES - Craig Chee, Re-Entrant 9411 - .028 9412 - .032 9413 - .040 9411 - .028

At GHS, we’re not behind a desk. We’re also on the stage, in the studio and at the local hangout for a group strum with fellow ukulele players. That’s why you can be confident that with GHS, you’re getting a set of ukulele strings that has been tested by actual players on the instrument.

We’ve also created the GHS Artist Curated Series, which is a spin-off of our usual Custom Shop sets. Based upon feedback from players and builders (either online or in person at a festival), our resident uke expert has listened to the tonal wants/needs and put together some sets that we think will get those happy people playing!