D'Addario Black Ice (Jazz) Guitar Picks Light Gauge 100-Pack, 3DBK2-100

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D'Addario/Planet Waves Black Ice (Jazz) Guitar Picks Light Gauge 100-Pack, 3DBK2-100

10-pack of D'Addario Black Ice Guitar picks in light gauge.

Black Ice Picks feature a custom oversized jazz shape that is designed for speed picking in situations where precise articulation is required. Perfect for both rhythm and single note lead playing, Black Ice Picks are triple tumbled to create a soft-touch texture that provides both an incredibly smooth surface and a superb grip in all playing conditions. Made from Duralin, this ultra-durable material delivers strength and resists abrasion while providing balanced tone with a bright attack.

  • 100 picks per package
  • Light Gauge (55mm)
  • Custom oversized jazz shape for high precision picking in all musical genres
  • Soft-touch texture provides incredibly strong grip and smooth picking
  • Made from triple-tumbled Duralin
Duralin (also known as Acetyl or Delrin) is a unique material with an extraordinary combination of strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance, and low friction. Normally used as a replacement for metal bushings and bearings in industrial applications, this extremely durable polymer is ideal for picks. Duralin picks allow an artist to highlight the bright clicking sound of the pick hitting the strings when playing acoustic, rhythm guitar, and fast single note passages.

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