Snark Son of Snark Guitar and BassTuner, S-1

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Snark Son of Snark Guitar and BassTuner, S-1


Compact, accurate, & convenient.  Snark tuners are exactly what today's guitarist needs. 


The Son of Snark S-1 tuner is Snark’s smallest (about 1” cube, excluding clip), most accurate, and fastest tuner yet. Tuning acoustic, electric and bass guitars in full chromatic range, the S-1 allows you to deal easily with standard and non-standard tunings. It will read any note you play. The full color, bright display indicates how close you are to the correct pitch with flat (red) or sharp (yellow) calibrated deviations to left and right of the correct (green) note indication. A “Power Save” feature allows for long battery life. The display dims after five seconds of no sound detection and returns to normal display brightness when a note is detected. The tuner will also turn off after two minutes of no sound detection. The S-1 uses one CR2032 battery that is included.

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