C.F. Martin Vega Banjo Nickel Wound 5 String Light, .009 - .020, V-700

C.F. Martin
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C.F. Martin Vega Banjo Nickel Wound 5 String Light, .009 - .020, V-700





1st E

Silvered Steel



2nd B

Silvered Steel



3rd G

Silvered Steel



4th D

Nickel Wound



5th A

Silvered Steel




"The name Vega has been synonymous with fine quality-crafted banjos since 1889. Our combined experience in instrument making, string winding, and comprehensive sound testing make Vega Strings the best choice for your banjo. All raw materials are of premium quality to assure brilliance, clarity, and longevity. We have selected a nickel/steel alloy for its tonal qualities which are best suited to accent the strong resonating tendencies of most banjos. In addition, Vega strings are highly resistant to corrosion. The smooth consistency of the wrap wires makes them ideal for all styles of banjo playing, whether it be the short, snappy plectrum style; the quick, flowing Scruggs style; or the rhythm driving frailing technique."

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  • 5

    Posted by John Lantz on Aug 2nd 2011

    All the hoopla out there, these strings just work great for me. I'm kind of stuck on the name, because of the history of the banjo and I play a recent Derring Vega Old Time Wonder. I like to keep it fun and probably should be more serious. I don't even change strings as often as I should. Bottom line, these are great strings John.

  • 5

    Posted by kelly emerson on Nov 27th 2010

    These strings are the best and last the longest!!!!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by thomas matthews on Jul 2nd 2010

    I always use this brand of strings. I like the sound of them.

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Emerson on Feb 28th 2010

    I always purchase my strings from JustStrings because I can't find better pricing anywhere.......NO BRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Patrick on Feb 22nd 2010

    Everything is as it was advertised. Beautiful doing buisness with you.

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