Cleartone Acoustic Guitar Six String Phosphor Bronze EMP, .012 - .053, 7412

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1st E

EMP Coated Plain Steel



2nd B

EMP Coated Plain Steel



3rd G

EMP Coated Phosphor Bronze Wound



4th D

EMP Coated Phosphor Bronze Wound



5th A

EMP Coated Phosphor Bronze Wound



6th E

EMP Coated Phosphor Bronze Wound



Cleartone Acoustic Strings may have a coating of only one micron, but it's more durable than coatings thousands of times its thickness. It won't flake off with hard playing, nor will it feel slick or slippery to your touch. Super-high tension winding over a hex-core is used to maintain tuning consistency throughout your performance. EMP Treatment is then applied to all the strings (including plain strings) to ensure longest tonal life without compromises.

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    Posted by Mike Russell on Jul 18th 2011

    I agree with the other reviewer's comments about choosing the right string for different applications. In my experience the twang that he speaks of is well suited to my Taylor 815, but not so much the 812. I like the strings, and use them on a number of different guitars, Martins to Strats, I too still use Elixir for the same reasons, clearer top end on some guitars, but overall I like the short break in time on the Cleartones, and they don't fuzz up with age.

  • 5

    Posted by David Strauss on Jun 24th 2010

    I bought two sets of Cleartone lights, the first set I put on my Yamaha LL500 (now superseded by model LL36), and found the highs a bit twangy, so went back to my old favorites Elixir Nanoweb P.B's. The second set I put on my Martin J-16GT, and on that guitar they sounded lovely, deep lows, clear mids., and bright highs, with long sustain, and long life. I'll keep using them on this guitar. Fabulous sound! You need to experiment to find out which strings best suit your guitar, and your ear.

  • 5

    Posted by Larry on Feb 10th 2010

    Love 'em. Great sound & stays great for as long as I need before changing. Sweet sound.

  • 1

    Posted by Roger Mikulas on Feb 4th 2010

    Sustain went away after one day. Strings were dead. I changed 'em to Ernie Balls (to try out), and they're much better. Froggy Bottom H12 Brazilian.

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