D'Addario Classical Guitar Pro Arte Lightly Polished Silverplated Clear Nylon Hard, .0285 - .044, EJ46LP

Classical Guitar
Material 1:
Clear Nylon
Gauge 1:
Winding 1:

D'Addario EJ46LP Pro-Arte Composite Classical Guitar Strings, Hard Tension


EJ46LP "lightly polished", hard tension classical strings are a popular choice for their rich tone, increased resistance and strong projection.


Pro-Arté lightly polished composite strings feature an exclusive multifilament core material which delivers a powerful, but warm tone which lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional classical strings. Each wound string is polished to a smooth surface for reduced finger noise.  In addition to three traditional nylon treble strings, each set contains an optional monofilament composite 3rd/G string, which provides greater projection and optimal balance between basses and trebles. All Pro-Arté treble strings are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine which performs diameter/tension measurements and quality checks, ensuring true sounding, precise trebles in every set.   Pro-Arté lightly polished sets are also ideal for recording.


Silver plated copper wound on an exclusive Composite core material for powerful, long-lasting tone

Wound strings are polished to a smooth surface for reduced finger noise, great for recording!

Exclusive multifilament core material

Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh


Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance


String Gauges: Trebles .0285, .0327, .0410 Basses .030, .036, .044







1st E

Clear Nylon



2nd B

Clear Nylon



3rd G

Clear Nylon



4th D

Silverplated Copper Wound on Nylon



5th A

Silverplated Copper Wound on Nylon



6th E

Silverplated Copper Wound on Nylon




These D'Addario Lightly Polished Composites were developed with touring and recording professionals who were looking to reduce finger noise and friction on their wound bass strings without sacrificing overall classical string tone. During prototype testing, these strings were distributed to our roster of professional classical guitar string endorsees. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Lightly Polished Composite strings result from the application of today's latest technologies. The unique composite core polymer and a totally new winding and polishing system make these the first polished wound strings with the tone and projection of unpolished strings. Truly a breakthrough product.

Pro·Arté classic guitar strings are just that -- classics. The treble strings are made from a harder formulation of nylon, and are precision extruded to guarantee a string that's even in diameter from one end to the other. And as an added quality-control measure, every single Pro·Arté treble string is hand-fed through a laser micrometer and sorting station to ensure that the string in your package tunes to the exact playing tension you're looking for.

Nylon is extruded in molten form; this process yields material that can vary in diameter by plus or minimum one thousandth of an inch. Though this difference is only about one fourth the thickness of a human hair, professionally trained classical guitarists can sense the contrast in string tension when the diameter varies by small amounts. The solution to the problem presented by this tension variable was to apply the latest technological advancements to the building of a sorting station, which utilizes a laser micrometer and a high-speed computer. The laser takes nearly 200 measurements on each string, compares and averages the data, and drops the measured string into the proper tension bin.

What's the end result? Every time you purchase your favorite tension of Pro·Arté  classics, you get the same exact string diameter to within four ten-thousandths of an inch.

The wound strings in the Pro·Arté line are wound with silver-plated copper or 80/20 bronze wires on D'Addario's own computer-controlled automatic winding machinery and are available in 4 different tensions for classic guitar.