D'Addario Classical Bass Set Lightly Polished Composite Xhard, LCX-3B

Classical Guitar
Material 1:
Polished Silverplated Copper on Multifilament
Gauge 1:

D'Addario LCX-3B Pro-Arte Lightly Polished Silver Plated Copper on Composite Core Classical Guitar Half Set, Extra Hard Tension

  • Bass strings from D'Addario's EJ44LP string set.
  • Wound strings are polished to a smooth surface for reduced finger noise, great for recording!
  • Lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional classical strings.
  • Extra Hard Tension.
  • String Gauges .030, .036, .045.

D'Addario Classical Half Sets provide the flexibility for each player to customize their own sound and feel. Choose from a wide range of material combinations to create the voice of your instrument. Each set contains 3 treble or bass strings in a convenient resealable pouch.

Note: The technique of polishing takes away the silver plating slightly exposing the copper wire. As a result, the color may vary from silver to brown to gray.