D'Addario Classical Treble Set T2 Nylon Normal, TNN-3T


D'Addario TNN-3T Pro-Arte Titanium Nylon Classical Guitar Half Set, Normal Tension

TNN-3T, normal tension, is a classical half set made up of D'Addario's Titanium trebles, preferred for their bright and projecting tone.

D'Addario Classical Half Sets provide the flexibility for each player to customize their own sound and feel. Choose from a wide range of material combinations to create the voice of your instrument. Each set contains 3 treble or bass strings in a convenient resealable pouch.

  • Treble strings from D'Addario's EJ45TT string set.
  • Bright, projecting tone.
  • Laser sorted for unsurpassed intonation consistency.
  • Normal Tension.
  • String Gauges .0280, .0332, .0403.

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