DR Strings Electric Bass Guitar Bootzillas Extra Life Stainless Steel Roundwound Heavy 4-String Long Scale .050 - .110, BZ-50

DR Strings






1st G

EXTRA-Life Coated Stainless Steel Round Wound



2nd D

EXTRA-Life Coated Stainless Steel Round Wound



3rd A

EXTRA-Life Coated Stainless Steel Round Wound



4th E

EXTRA-Life Coated Stainless Steel Round Wound






"BOOTZILLAS are one of the family of DR's EXTRA-Life coated bass string sets. DR HandMade Bass Strings, makers of the world's finest handmade bass strings, combine the latest wire technology with old-fashioned craftmanship. The costly stainless-steel wrap wire used to manufacture BOOTZILLAS is unique. It produces a distinct "crunchy tone". DR's EXTRA-Life bass strings are the world's finest coated bass strings. The coating includes a corrosion inhibitor for extra protection against damaging substances such as prespiration, dirt, humidity, and "acid hands". DR's EXTRA-Life offers players a superior coated string without sacrificing the tone, clarity and volume of DR HandMade uncoated strings."

BOOTZILLAS™ Bass Strings, the signature strings of the legendary Bootsy Collins, use a unique stainless-steel wrap wire clear coated with DR’s proprietary K3™ coating that extends life by protecting against damaging substances like perspiration, dirt, humidity and hand acids. Wound on a hexagonal core wire, the strings product the distinct “crunchy” tone for which the interplanetary funkmaster is known.

The K3 coating on the wrap wire prevents dirt, humidity and hand acids from reaching and corroding the core

The stainless steel wrap wire produces a balanced brightness that cuts through the band

The hexagonal core delivers a bit of stiffness for super-accurate harmonics