DR Strings Acoustic Guitar Dragon Skin Coated Phosphor Bronze, .012 - .054, DSA-12

DR Strings
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1st E

Coated Plain Steel 




2nd B

Coated Plain Steel 




3rd G

 Coated Phosphor Bronze



4th D

 Coated Phosphor Bronze



5th A

 Coated Phosphor Bronze



6th E

 Coated Phosphor Bronze



DRAGON SKIN™ Acoustic Guitar Strings feature DR’s K3™ clear coating on a phosphor bronze wrap wire to prevent dirt and perspiration from reaching the hexagonal core wire, preventing corrosion. The K3™ coating, which is applied to all strings in the set, is ultra-hard and doesn’t dampen vibration like softer coatings do. The strings have more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, greater clarity and articulation than uncoated strings.

K3™ Coated applied to the wrap wire is extra hard to maintain string brightness while extending life

The coating eliminates unwanted overtones, helping projection, clarity and articulation

A Phospor Bronze Wrap Wire on a hexagonal core delivers exceptional brightness and flexibility

5 Reviews

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  • 5

    Posted by kim butler on Sep 6th 2011

    I tried these on MartinGPCAP1 It came with Martin new cleartone strings. Sounded just great. Tired Elixirs. OK but not as nice at Martin Strings and I live Elixirs on my Taylors. Put on Dragon Skins. Made guitar sound more nasal like. Also for fingerstyle had the loudest string noise of any string I have ever used and the top two stings feel almost sticky. They did not sound very good plugged in either. They may work for strumming and last long time but am going to take off.

  • 5

    Posted by Ken Bungard on Jun 28th 2011

    I put these dragon skins on my guitar WOW what a difference than the regular DR extra life. I have been A die hard Dr strings man for 20 years. Can't find a string that out last bends easier sounds better plugged in.

  • 4

    Posted by J.J. Sibaila on Jun 13th 2011

    I'm always looking for great coated string and these Dragonskins are better, sound wise, than Elixir and Martins that I have tried. That's not to say they are as good as my "normal' strings, Martin SP Phosphor Bronze. Pros: Good clear tone, especially with the wound strings. Cons: the coating on the un-wound strings was rough to the touch. Longevity wise I really can't say; they were on my Rainsong for three days.

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