DR Strings Bass Extra Life Red Coated, .045-.105, Red Devils, MR-RD-45

DR Strings






1st G

EXTRA-Life Red Coated Round Wound



2nd D

EXTRA-Life Red Coated Round Wound



3rd A

EXTRA-Life Red Coated Round Wound



4th E

EXTRA-Life Red Coated Round Wound




EXTRA-Life Coated Strings


DR's EXTRA-Life bass strings are the world's finest coated bass strings. The coating includes a corrosion inhibitor for extra protection against damaging substances such as prespiration, dirt, humidity, and "acid hands". DR's EXTRA-Life offers players a superior coated string without sacrificing the tone, clarity and volume of DR HandMade uncoated strings."

RED DEVILS™ Red Colored Bass Strings aren’t for the timid. With round core wires and silver-plated nickel-plated steel wrap wires, their loud and aggressive sound compliments their vibrant color. All strings in the set are coated with a red-colored version of DR’s proprietary K3™ coating, which delivers longevity, more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, and outstanding clarity and articulation.

K3™ Coated applied to the wrap wire is extra hard to maintain string brightness while extending life

The coating eliminates unwanted overtones, helping projection, clarity and articulation

The all-red color can give your acoustic guitar a distinctive and unique look