Hannabach Classical Guitar High Tension Nylon/Silver, 815-HT

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1st E

Clear Nylon



2nd B

Clear Nylon



3rd G

Clear Nylon



4th D

Silver Plated



5th A

Silver Plated


6th E

Silver Plated



Hannabach 815

" This is the most popular of all Hannabach strings, and has
a very balanced, brilliant tone, always perfect in intonation.
Clear, precision round nylon trebles with silver plated basses.
Available in super low, low, medium, high, and super high tensions. "

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  • 4

    Posted by Mimmo Fiorilla on Jun 2nd 2011

    Since 25 years, the strings almost perfect for me.

  • 4

    Posted by Michael S. Jackson on Feb 16th 2011

    I installed these on my Kenny Hill Hauser '37. They are much better than the other two Hannabach models I tried; these were not defective as the others were (D strings). The 815HTs are very responsive. The high E and B strings are clear and bell-like with great sustain. The G is a bit weak and muddy (this is the third Hannabach model I've tried and all had poor G strings). The D, A, and low E have a sort of metallic sound, not the deep bass I'm used to. Also, unlike other Hannabach sets I've tried, these intonate very well. This set comes with an extra D string - don't know why (maybe because Hannabach has trouble with their D strings as evidenced on the other two models I've tried?). There are two reasons these did not get a 5-star rating from me: Weak G and bass strings not very rounded or full in sound.

  • 3

    Posted by Jon Sayles on Dec 25th 2010

    Nice basses. The trebles were so-so (not great... I ended up recording with Savarez - for clarity and sustain).

  • 5

    Posted by Rob Kitely on Aug 13th 2009

    Wonderful tone -- my favourite of any brand, including the new Oasis, which are my second favourite. However, I've never used any other brand that breaks so many G strings!

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