Hannabach Classical Guitar High Tension Gold, 825-HT

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1st E

Polished Gold



2nd B

Polished Gold



3rd G

Polished Gold



4th D

Gold Plated



5th A

Gold Plated



6th E

Gold Plated




Hannabach 825

" The basses of this set are plated with pure 24K gold, and are designed to resist
the effects of acid perspiration, making them ideal for those with sweaty hands. Unlike other brands whose "gold" strings are made of less expensive alloys, these strings are quite impervious to acid corrosion. In keeping with their premium nature, the ends of the bass strings have a softening wrap designed to buffer the string where it attaches to the bridge. Available in low, medium, and high tension."

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    Posted by ferguson6552 on Nov 18th 2011

    I might be the lone naysayer, but I just replaced a set of Hannabach Goldins (med-high tension) with this set of 825HT Pure Gold Plated and I am very disappointed. I haven't played them more than a couple of minutes, mostly as I was stringing up the guitar, and they simply aren't a nice as the Goldins. The treble strings are plump, dead, clear nylon, and the third string in particular (no surprise here) is wimpy and dead. I don't know what "polished gold" refers to, but these treble strings just don't deliver AT ALL. And the bass strings have yet to win me over compared to the Goldins. There went $23 down the drain.

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    Posted by Max on May 2nd 2011

    I'm using the bass strings with Aquila Alchemy trebles on a La Patrie, mate, cedar top: just unbelievable difference. I've tried many good strings of all kinds before. Luckily I've found these. I'm now trying the combination on a Jean L'Arrivee 1981.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael ''Mr. Mike'' Stephens on May 28th 2010

    Having played and performed in classic, Latin jazz, and flamenco styles for over thirty years, I finally found the right strings! These sound quite good, hold their pitch, and are dependable in terms of feel. Any serious classical player will tell of the "flimsy" feel nylon strings sometimes tend to have. Not these. I play a Conde Hermanos (Spain) and a Ronald Hachez (California), and the Hannabachs are the perfect marriage for these instruments. Our local Guitar Center no longer carries them, but that's where Juststrings.com comes in!

  • 5

    Posted by D.C. Smith on Jan 4th 2010

    Good Tone And Seem To Last Longer.

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