John Pearse Acoustic Six String Guitar Phosphor Bronze & Silk Light, .011 - .049, 510L

John Pearse






1st E

Silvered Plain



2nd B

Silvered Plain



3rd G

Phosphor Bronze & Silk



4th D

Phosphor Bronze & Silk



5th A

Phosphor Bronze & Silk



6th E

Phosphor Bronze & Silk




The New John Pearse® #510L & #610LM SILKS

The exciting new SILKS sets mark a departure from orthodox acoustic string design. Formulated for the electric guitarist who doubles on acoustic, this set features a never before possible "playing ease" tension married with the warmth and projection for which our acoustic strings are famous. Our triple annealed mild steel is pulled through a draw plate to make an extra skinny core. Onto this is wound a silk multifilament which cushions a phospor bronze winding. This is NOT a silk and steel set. The natural edginess of the phosphor bronze winding is tempered by the silk cushion to produce a tone that studio players everywhere are likening to our 80/20 bronze sets after they have been played in. Steve Sheehan, lead guitarist with the Judds, asked us to make this set. Guitarists all over America are thanking him!

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