La Bella Electric Fender Bass VI Flat Wound, .026 - .095, 767-6F

La Bella
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1st C

Flat Wound



2nd G

Flat Wound



3rd D

Flat Wound



4th A

Flat Wound



5th E

Flat Wound



6th B

Flat Wound




Fender Bass VI
(Registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments, Inc.)
Original Flat Wound


5 Reviews

Write a Review
  • 5

    Posted by Gabriel Cifarelli on Jun 18th 2011

    I've heard mixed messages about whether these will work for the Jaguar VI Custom. They do not.

  • 5

    Posted by Yasushi Sagara on Jun 26th 2010

    These are great for playing Let It Be sessions !!

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Roberts on Nov 6th 2009

    These strings are very special. There is a reason for the higher price tag. I have tried several different flats and rounds for my Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom and these strings are the best. The only issue is the strings are a little bit longer since they are made for the Fender VI 30inch scale. So you need to clip them. The sound you get is that spaghetti Western Bond 60's spy guitar. It's very unique!

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