La Bella Electric Bass Super Steps Extra LIght 4-String Long Scale (37" Wound length), .040 - .095, SS40

Electric Bass Guitar
Material 1:
Stainless Steel Round Wound
Extra Light Tension
String Total:
Scale Lenfth:
Long Scale
$41.28 $37.15

Electric Bass Super Steps Extra Light Long Scale (37" Wound length) - 4-String

Ultra Responsive - Exposed Cores

Important note: strings are not suitable for use on instruments that require through-body stringing.





1st G

Graduated Stainless Steel Round Wound



2nd D

Graduated Stainless Steel Round Wound



3rd A

Graduated Stainless Steel Round Wound



4th E

Graduated Stainless Steel Round Wound




"Over the past two decades, the electric bass has shifted from the rhythm section to center stage as bassists have assumed the soloists role. With SUPER STEPS and SLAPPERS, La Bella has followed suit by specifically designing strings to match these technological advances and developing them over a period of years with input from the 'Inner Circle' of professional bassists. Company President, Richard Mari Cocco Jr. has worked closely with many of the world's foremost bass players to develop the unique design of SUPER STEPS. This product line has a clear and distinct sound while maintaining an exceptionally quick response. These flexible strings have an exposed core at the bridge which helps bring out the high overtone content of each note. Endorsed by Louis Johnson - the "King of Slap-Slappers", the SLAPPERS product line unites the warmth and feel of nickel-plated strings with the brightness and strength of stainless steel. Their construction includes a stainless steel underlay on a steel core with a nickel-plated outer wrapping."