D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner Twin Pack, PW-CT-12TP


D'Addario NS Micro Headstock Tuner Twin Pack, PW-CT-12TP

Economical and convenient twin pack of D’Addario’s popular CT-12 tuner. D’Addario’s chromatic, NS Micro Headstock CT-12 tuner is their most popular and can be used for most acoustic and electric stringed instruments. Its piezo transducer picks up pitch vibrations from your instrument and displays on a bright, multi-color screen that can swivel 360 degrees with an improved, padded, ratchet attachment.

Because the CT-12 tuner uses vibration not sound from your instrument and is equipped with a bright, easy to read screen, tuning in noisy, low light environments is easy. Its micro size and flexibility allow for easily positioning for optimal viewing and discreet placement. Both left and right-handed instruments can easily use this tuner, which can remained clamped to an instrument inside most cases. It adds much less weight than other headstock tuners.

This updated Ned Steinberger designed Micro tuner has improved accuracy, quicker response and increased calibration range. A visual metronome can also be displayed on the brightly lit screen. Powered by a CR2032 battery, maximum battery life is easy due to the tuner’s automatic off function. The battery is included with the tuner, and replacements can be found on our website (PWV_PW-CR2032-04). The NS Micro Headstock CT-12 tuner is also available in an economical twin pack (PW-CT-12TP).

D’Addario electronic tuners are designed by musicians for musicians featuring intuitive features, easy to read displays, and exceptional tuning accuracy.

  • Built-in piezo transducer picks up instrument’s vibration rather than sound
  • Improved software for faster response and improved accuracy
  • Tri-color reversible backlit LCD screen makes it easy to tune in dark environments while allowing mounting in front or behind headstock
  • Wide calibration range (410Hz to 480Hz
  • Tunes acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and other stringed instruments