Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flat Wound 12 String, .010 - .0465, 310/12

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    Posted by Bill Kruse on May 25th 2011

    I had to change 3 strings (upper and lower octave A, lower octave G) because all went flat as you move down the fretboard. By the 5th fret in the case of the A's. I replaced all three with Thomastik Infeld round wounds and they all performed perfectly, all the way down. What a waste of money!

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    Posted by James on Feb 2nd 2011

    I just put these on my Eastwood Classic 12 String and they sound just great. Turned my $500 guitar into a $2000 Ric. Really happy with this purchase.

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    Posted by Fender 12 Guy on Sep 30th 2010

    I've been using these strings on my 1965 Fender solid body 12 string electric for years now, and they play and sound great! They also last forever. I think the last time I changed them was over a year ago, and we're gigging all the time. Thanks.

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    Posted by Rob on Aug 28th 2010

    I have a '05 360/12 with toasters and wanted "the Jangle". Read tons of reviews/webnotes which said I had to have flatwounds. Played these for a week before getting cheaper round-wound strings from the Rick website. Basically made the guitar unplayable (well, just not fun to play). Turns out that the Factory nut on my Rick was not cut for this gauge on the low A and D string, so I had very uneven action. Going back to factory issue round-wounds solved the problem. Gauge issues aside, reviews made it sound like I HAD to have a Vox AC30 and these strings for the right tone. NOT TRUE, cheap factory-issue sounds great on my toasters and my Fender Twin will roll with the best of them!

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    Posted by blueSugarCube on Jul 14th 2010

    Flatwounds are really the only way to go on a 12 string. They allow lower action and better playability, and the tone is superior in my opinion.

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    Posted by Tim Hayes on Mar 31st 2010

    Just the best! Got turned on to them by R. McGuinn's webpage. They sound, feel great and are long lasting.

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    Posted by Todd Newman on Mar 13th 2010

    The best strings made. Just fantastic. I'll never use anything else.

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    Posted by Jeff Abbey on Feb 19th 2010

    A very sleek and well made string. You can see the craftsmanship. There is a thread wrap around the base of the string. Nice touch! I know they are the standard that others are judged by. That being said, to me, they seem to lack a bit of tactile flexibility. I found myself playing on top of the string rather than getting to the core of it. Also they seemed to muffle the ringing jangle of the open strings I was trying to achieve.

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    Posted by Bill Mulholland on Nov 18th 2009

    Your Pyrimid strings on my Ric are the best in every way. This is the only string for a RIC 12 string!

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