Tone Gear Bass Guitar String and Fretboard Cleaner, 0446-B


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Nashville, TN (July 17, 2009)—ToneGear’s The String Cleaner?, a groundbreaking string-cleaning product that was awarded “Best in Show” for “Company on the Rise” at NAMM 2008, is introducing a second instrument to its repertoire—The String Cleaner for Bass Guitar. Like the original, The String Cleaner for Bass Guitar utilizes a revolutionary 360-degree cleaning process to preserve and maintain the tone and integrity of guitar strings. This year’s introduction features an advanced design that additionally and simultaneously cleans the fret board. “Our mission is to become the go-to manufacturer of innovative and quality-driven stringed instrument cleaning tools,” says Dave Chiappetta, founder and president of ToneGear. “Our goal is to improve musician’s lives by providing thoughtful and effective solutions for maintaining and preserving the life of stringed instruments, thus allowing users to concentrate on creating music and not maintenance.” The String Cleaner for Bass Guitar extends the life and preserves the tone of bass strings by up to four times compared to conventional untreated strings while cleaning/protecting the fret board from serious damage and expense in the long-term. Created with specially designed microfiber pads that remove and hold debris sans cleaning solution, The String Cleaner for Bass Guitar was created for long-term, low- maintenance usage. Users simply open the tool, slide it underneath the strings, close and secure the latches, and then slide the device back and forth along the full length of the strings and fret board. The String Cleaner should be used after each play to ensure optimum performance; to clean the device, simply hand-wash with warm water and a drop of liquid soap.