Thomastik-Infeld Mandolin Flat Wound 34 cm Stark (Hard), .011 - .034, 154S

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1st E

Tinned Silver Steel



2nd A

Chrome Steel Flat Wound



3rd D

Chrome Steel Flat Wound



4th G

Chrome Steel Flat Wound





"These strings for both plucked instruments are flat wound on chrome steel and finely polished, except the plain E-string of the Mandolin which is made of tinned silver steel. They have a steel core made of special alloy with high elasticity and durability. The sound of the Mandolin is clear, brilliant, not metallic and the construction helps in excellent form the Tremolo play by less resonance of the strings, which is well-defined for this instrument. The strings for the Mandola are tuned stronger and are particularly smooth and this construction provides for less internal movement. Therefore the sound is round, living, voluminous, not metallic. The strings for both instruments are easy in handling, have a long duration of life and [are] in perfect fifths. "



Founded in 1919, one of the world's largest manufacturers of strings for musical instruments has applied 76 years of experience to develop a new generation of strings.


Vienna, music capital of the world


Our strings are handmade by highly qualified specialists. With our extensive quality control via computer and signal processing equipment, we have successfully combined Old World craftsmanship with state of the art technology.


The results of our research and our scientific approach to string manufacturing -- based on cooperation with musicians and scientists -- have led to the creation of a new line of guitar strings that is exactly what professionals are calling for.


Guitar strings for creative musicians.

THOMASTIC-INFELD is the best kept secret in the music industry. Did you know that for decades most of the great jazz and classical guitar players have chosen THOMASTIK-INFELD strings? Old World quality and experience, combined with the most advanced modern technology available, give you creative tools to meet the highest standards of performance. Perhaps the time has come for you to discover what a chosen few have know for years? THOMASTIK-INFELD cares about the needs of professionals and amateurs. Worldwide."


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  • 5

    Posted by bitterroot on Jun 23rd 2011

    I think I have tried every kind of mandolin string there is out there. I like to play bluegrass and old timey and also play in a church band. Something about the bluegrass folk made me feel lesser of a man because I didn't have phosphorus bronze strings like J-74 or J-75's . I had those strings many many times but my finger acid would eat them up in no time and they would be dead sounding with scum under them in days. The first time I received my expensive set of T-1's (wish they were cheaper)I was immediately impressed with the feel right out of the package. They feel so good on the fingers...they sound finger noise....and they last forever....They are a great string. If you have never tried them and the price is whats keeping you from getting them...bite the bullet once and go for it you'll love them. I give the quality a 5 star ..but I'm gonna give them a 4 star because of the price. I have to say though is the cheapest place I found to buy them.

  • 5

    Posted by Marcelle Lefebvre on Jun 8th 2011

    The best I've had so far. They stay in tune whatever the temperature. People have noticed the change in the sound. I really love them.

  • 5

    Posted by Chris on Mar 11th 2011

    Best strings I've found so far and they last!

  • 5

    Posted by bitterroot on Nov 22nd 2010

    I've tried these strings before and loved them. Then I thought I should try and love some cheaper strings. After a year of that I came back wondering if the love for the T1's was still there, it was. These strings feel like quality as you take them out of the package. They sound great(woody) and hold their tune and tone better than any other strings I've tried and I think I've tried the majority of brands and sizes. With the flat wound I also was faster on the strings which bumped my creativity on my breaks a 100%...Bottom line if your on the fence...just do it!

  • 5

    Posted by corky dow on Nov 4th 2010

    The very best by far. Stay in tune and last forever and tone !! Worth the price, Wow. Plan on getting the lighter weight strings for my 1906 Gibson A2.

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