D'Addario Classical Treble Set Hybrid G/B Normal, HBN-3T

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D'Addario Classical Treble Set Hybrid G/B Normal, HBN-3T




1st E

Clear Nylon


2nd B

Hybrid Carbon


3rd G

Hybrid Carbon


Pro-Arté Hybrid Carbon treble half sets provide the same superior intonation, responsive attack, and modern projecting tone as Pro-Arte’ Carbon, yet utilizes two different materials across the three strings. The combination provides a unique tonal bend. This half set includes both flourocarbon and clear nylon treble strings.

HGN-3T, normal tension, is a hybrid classical half set made up of D'Addario's laser sorted clear nylon B/E strings, paired with a Carbon G string.

D'Addario Classical Half Sets provide the flexibility for each player to customize their own sound and feel. Choose from a wide range of material combinations to create the voice of your instrument. Each set contains 3 treble or bass strings in a convenient resealable pouch.

  • NEW! Hybrid Carbon Half Set
  • Clear Nylon E string with a Carbon G/B
  • Normal Tension