John Pearse Baritone Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze, .015 - .068, 3260L

John Pearse
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    Posted by Chris at on Sep 16th 2010

    The gauges of this set are: 1st .015 2nd .022 3rd .030 4th .043 5th .054 6th .068

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    Posted by Jacopo Bell on Sep 15th 2010

    Could anyone tell me what the string diameter of the 5th string is with these baritone strings? I presume it's around the .045 mark, but an exact figure would be much appreciated!

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    Posted by Bruce McKinney on Jun 19th 2010

    These are the best I've found. I'd actually prefer a little lighter, but there's not much choice in Baritone Strings. There may also be physical limits. Perhaps any lighter and they would buzz.

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