John Pearse Baritone Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze, .017 - .070, 3280M

John Pearse
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    Posted by Dougie on Dec 28th 2010

    About a week after receiving my order I received an additional package from the John Pearse warehouse direct. It seems as though someone mistakenly packed a B string with a loop end instead of a ball end on a set of Baritone Acoustics I had ordered through just strings. Well someone caught it even before I did and sent me a replacement B, plus an entire free set along with it! Now that's the kind of business I respond to, they must have checked to see how many purchases were made and by who, and shipped them out to everybody! Honestly I have yet to string these up, but I can say that this experience has made me a loyal customer.

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    Posted by Athlaos on Oct 9th 2010

    I bought these strings to use on my 25.5-inch scale length guitar, tuned to C-standard. They work well for that purpose. The site itself is very good, offering quick delivery at low-cost.

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    Posted by jwb on Sep 27th 2010

    These are the best strings I have found for the SCGC Brozman tuned C to C. They can easily go down to B, but I like the tension on the 27" scale at C. I would like to have the double wound .70 a bit heavier for dropping down a step (dropped D shape), but 10 bucks for a single string is too pricey when the whole set costs less than the single string! I would say this set is about as perfect for my needs as possible, but a .72 down low would be ideal. Great strings and they last a long time. The price here is more than 50% less than direct from JP ;) So you can buy 2 sets! Enjoy

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    Posted by Crocau on Feb 14th 2010

    Very nice baritone strings, perfect for my 30' baritone Weissenborn tuned down to open A (in open D shape). It is awesome that you have every 'special need' string sets they don't carry in local shops. Your prices are great and your deliveries are superfast. You make my life easier !

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