D'Addario NEXXUS 360 USB Rechargeable Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-26


D'Addario Rechargeable Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-26

The Nexxus 360™ headstock tuner by D’Addario not only gives you precise and quick tuning for your guitar in a package featuring a full 360-degree range of motion, but it also does all of this without ever needing a replacement battery.

The color LED display is bright enough to handle any lighting environment, while an internal USB rechargeable battery pack provides 24 hours of active tuning time on a single charge.

D’Addario's Nexxus 360 tuner is built to last long enough that you may forget all about ever needing to change a tuner battery again.

D’Addario’s rechargeable Nexxus 360™ guitar headstock tuner offers fast, accurate tuning without the cost and hassle of replacing batteries. The discreet, clip-on design features 360-degree rotation, plus a super bright, full color LED display, assuring a perfect viewing angle and screen clarity in any lighting. Simply plug the supplied USB cable into any USB power device as needed and enjoy 24 hours of tuning time per charge.